• Do you provide an emotional wellbeing service to children, young people, families or carers?

  • Are you based in the south west between Hereford to Cornwall?

  • Do you want to be able to provide a more effective and efficient service in partnership with young people and families?

  • Would you like to access the very best evidence-based training for your staff?

  • Do you want to demonstrate your effectiveness to funders?

If you answered yes to the questions above then it’s likely that you will find huge benefits in joining the South West Community of Practice. Since 2012 we have been growing our membership to now over 20 service providers across the south west. Hosted by the University of Exeter CEDAR department, the collaborative supports services to implement the Child and Young Person’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (CYP-IAPT) principles and practices; helping services to deliver easier access to evidence-based psychological therapies, based on clinically meaningful outcomes and authentic participation from young people and their families.


What do you need to do?

There’s a process for joining the Community of Practice , and you will need to be able to demonstrate your commitment to the CYP IAPT transformation of children’s mental health services. Don’t worry….there’s no pound of flesh involved, but you will need to be able to collect meaningful data and tell us about it. We’ll support you every step of the way and provide regular feedback to help with service development.

Take a look at our guidance for new services, as well as the support that we offer all of our services. You might also be interested to explore our training page to see how we can work to support your staff development – from management and leadership staff, to staff working in the community with young people. You can also discover how we can support you to expand your workforce via the CYP IAPT Recruit to Train offer to help. Still have questions? take a look at the FAQ’s for new services

If you want to apply to join the collaborative, contact us at this link and one of the team will be in touch to talk through the process in more depth with you.

We look forward to hearing from you


Click here to read the ‘Delivering with and Delivering Well’ document that underpins the areas for commitment for service development

Click here to read the ‘five year forward view’ document on the plan for developing services to 2021

Click here to read the ‘Future in Mind’ document that outlines childrens’ service improvement