This page has links to a number of publications created by the staff at the University of Exeter, aimed at mental health and wellbeing of children and young people.  

CWP Regional Reports


Low Intensity CBT Parenting Intervention Workbook

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There are also many CYP resources (Childen and Young People) on the CEDAR website from guides and webinairs to useful links.

CEDAR Website

Behavioural experiments booklet
Final report into ways to combat thinking with the power of experiments by Rob Kidney.

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CBT Behavioural Experiments App

CBT is an effective treatment for the management of common mental health difficulties such as anxiety and depression. The CBT behavioural experiments is an app designed to support young people (and older) though the steps of completing a behavioural experiments and the change that this can bring to improve mood.

With use of an interactive manga style story, two characters (Zee and Tao) will guide you through the steps involved in planning, running and reviewing behavioural experiments to alleviate experience of low mood and anxiety and to support positive change. Each character will describe their own journey though using experiment and will support the user in completing theirs.

Within the app a journey through the following steps are supported:
– Catching what thoughts are and when they happen
– Designing an experiment
– Making predictions
– Running the experiment
– What did I learn?

The app is intended for use alongside a mental health practitioner, but may be of use of on its own to anyone interested in understanding CBT and taking steps to make changes. Language used is intended to be supportive of young people looking to understand and use this CBT intervention to support mental wellbeing. The app is not intended to replace therapy or treatment but can be supportive of this, or help to learn more about this CBT intervention.

To view the app, please visit the Apple App Store or Google Play (Android).