Health Education England has created a range of resources to support services with workforce transformation. These are aimed at providing solutions to address workforce transformation requirements, including tools, training materials, case studies and other interventions, realising the potential of workforce transformation investments.


CReST Tool

CReST is a demand and capacity tool originally developed for Children and Young People’s Mental Health however has potential uses and applications across the wider mental health, learning disability and autism sector.  

NHS England and NHS Improvement have developed CReST to support with the planning and commissioning of NHS services. Through inputting some basic information, CReST enables systems to review how available capacity serves the demand on the service.

This straightforward approach to demand and capacity modelling makes the concept accessible to everyone. The outputs can be utilised in many different areas, including supporting operational planning, improvement in waiting times and developing new service pathways.

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Keeping workforce in Mind, HEE Star: A tool to support workforce transformation

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Managing capacity and demand within inpatient and community mental health, learning disabilities and autism services for all ages

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CYPMH MHIT National Biannual Event

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