Remote working series

Supporting the wider workforce adapt clinical interventions to remote delivery

NHS England, The University of Exeter and colleagues from across theCYP mental health workforce in England give guidance on adapting practice for remote working.  The recording is in 2 parts and part 1 includes an introduction from NHSE CYP senior clinical advisor, Peter Fonagy  followed by an overview of the evidence base for remote working.  Part 2 follows with examples of good practice from the BPS, Royal College of Psychiatrists, Helios, Young Minds and ending with an example from  ‘Rollercoaster’ on how parents can partner with digital delivery. 

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An overview of working remotely with Anxiety and Depression for children and young people. 

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National Children and Young People's Mental Health webinar series

The recording of the National Children and Young People’s Mental Health webinar series on Remote Clinical Working will soon be available on the Futures NHS Collaboration website within the CYPMH teams’ section. 

You will need an account to gain access to the FutureNHS Collaboration platform. If you don’t already have one, please send a request email to the platform manager We recommend you use a fresh email as we have been made aware that forwarding an email with the text below is causing bounce backs.

Once logged into the Collaboration Platform follow this link to the recordings. The slides and resources will be uploaded there soon.

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