The aim of this programme is to develop advanced knowledge, understanding and competencies in the skills required to undertake clinical skills and case management supervision in line with EMHP training to support children and young people within schools, and to support critical reflection of supervisory skills.

Frequently asked questions

What will this course qualify me for?

The PG Cert in supervising psychological interventions in education settings will qualify staff to provide clinical skills and case management to EMHP workforces.

For more information about the EMHP practitioners course please see this link.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is suitable for staff with the following experience:

  • Minimum two years’ experience providing intervention within children’s mental health services


  • Experience of providing Low Intensity interventions for children and young people for at least one year


  • Previous experience providing clinical supervision to CAMHS practitioners for at least one year.

The course has a number of entry routes so please contact the admin team at this link for further information.

What is the time commitment?

For EMHP supervisors, there are 20 days of teaching delivered between 1 and 2 days per week at the University of Exeter or in Bristol. Following this there are a further 8 days of university supervision  of case management and clinical skills, delivered monthly.

It is important to note that your competencies and experience of delivering supervision, Low Intensity intervention, and Whole school support will be assessed through your application. Where there are developmental needs, supervisors may be set additional teaching days to attend with practitioners to provide further depth in training. 

What topics will I be studying?

EMHP supervisors will receive 4 days on broad supervisory skills, 7 days on Low intensity approaches, and 9 days on education-facing supervision of whole school approaches. 

To find out more about the modules you will study please see the links below:

How will I be assessed?

EMHP supervisors will need to submit a range of assessments during the course, including an essay, tapes of case management supervision and reflective commentaries and a report on the implementation of a whole-school approach.

This is supported in service by 5 study days. 

How do I apply?