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This innovative postgraduate certificate programme has been developed to enable you to respond effectively to the requirements of the Department of Health to develop responsive, evidence-based services. As a senior clinical or service lead in a health or social care organisation, you need the most up-to-date knowledge about evidence-based practice and service transformation to equip you to respond to the challenges of Improving Access to Psychological Therapies in the new commissioning environment. This programme provides you with the latest research knowledge and skills in clinical leadership and evidence-based practice together with individualised coaching to support you in service transformation. It will also offer you an opportunity to reflect on your own leadership skills alongside the latest thinking

Frequently asked questions


This course is for managerial, clinical leaders and emerging leaders in children and young people’s mental health services who are motivated to lead and modernise services in complex environments. Those with a recognised graduate professional training or equivalent professional experience e.g. social workers, nurses, psychologists would be suitable.

What is involved?

Our aim is that on completion of the programme participants will have gained specific knowledge and experience.

Specialised subject skills knowledge and experience

  • Understand health care settings as complex organisational systems
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the key features associated with leadership in health service transformational change and sustainable development
  • Critically appreciate a range of key practice issues associated with the sustainable development of routine outcome monitoring in clinical practice
  • Differentiate a range of key practice issues associated with the sustainable transformation of clinical practice

Academic discipline core skills knowledge and experience

  • Synthesise new approaches to contribute to the development of methodology and understanding in transformational service change
  • At an advanced level demonstrate an ability to address systematically complex leadership dilemmas which may be framed within unpredictable contexts, to think critically, creatively, and independently, and to fully appreciate the complexities of the issues
  • Communicate complex and contentious information clearly and effectively to specialists and non-specialists, acting as an effective clinical leader
  • Synthesise new approaches to contribute to the development of methodology and understanding in reflective evidence-based practice in clinical leadership

Personal/transferable/employment skills knowledge and experience

  • Analyse and manage the implications of ethical dilemmas and work proactively to formulate solutions
  • Manage complexity, incompleteness and contradiction through leadership and effective team working
  • Function independently and reflectively as a learner

Learning approaches

The academic scope of the programme incorporates the following topics to help you work more effectively as a leader:

  • Leadership and organisational theory and research
  • Values-based service improvement
  • Supervision and appraisal
  • Achieving and sustaining a culture for effective improvement

Learning and teaching methods include small group facilitated sessions, and individual coaching sessions with a member of the programme staff. The learning environment will include university sessions, locality tasks and telephone contact.

What's the time commitment?

The post graduate certificate in Leadership and Transformational Service Change involves 10 days study at the University of Exeter, usually from November to September, with an extra 5 locality days set aside within service.  Each candidate carries out a service based improvement project related to an operational or clinical aspect of the service.

How do I apply?