In 2016 the University of Exeter successfully bid for funding to scope development of a training programme for CYP Inpatient Units. These units provide treatment and residential care for children and young people with emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties. Through this funding our programme lead Hannah Sherbersky helped to develop the national curriculum for CYP Inpatient Training, and we led a pilot programme of training in 2018.

The pilot training covered:

  • 10 days per cohort
  • 3 cohorts
  • 4 inpatient units in the southwest
  • Multidisciplinary teams (including psychologists, mental health nurses, managers and family therapists among others).

We are now running cohorts 4 and 5, which are due to finish in January 2020. These have included an additional 2 inpatient units across the South West.

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