Our Continuing Professional Development workshops are designed by the staff in the department of Clinical Education, Development and Research (CEDAR) at the University of Exeter. 

The CPD workshops are funded by Health Education England. We aim to provide workshops which will support services in embedding the five CYP IAPT principles, as well as helping qualified CYP IAPT practitioners to maintain their knowledge and skills.

For 2023 we have funding to deliver a number of CPD workshops throughout the year. These will cover topics such as:

  • Leadership (for service leads and emerging leaders)
  • Supervision top-up (for qualified CYP IAPT supervisors)
  • Mental Health Support Teams
  • Adaptations (including adaptations for autism)
  • Workforce and Sustainability
  • Participation

These workshops will be free for participating services and we will be releasing more information about specific events during the year. To find out more about the workshops browse the Events section and look for ‘CPD’ next to the dates.