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Participation in lockdown

Somerset CAMHS | These five walls podcast series

A series of podcasts by four young people from the CAMHS participation group, discussing the impacts of anxiety and stress and some of their coping mechanisms. Please note that these podcasts discuss sensitive topics, which may be distressing to some, and contains strong language.

You can listen to the podcasts by clicking on them below:

Episode 1: Welcome to These Five Walls | In the first episode of the podcast the group discuss how they came to realise they were struggling with their mental health, what helped them to kickstart their recovery journey, and why they now wish to share their experiences with other young people.

Episode 2: Taking that first step | In this episode, four young people reflect on the positive reaction to the first episode and what it has been like to make their stories of mental health, public. They also explore the challenges of taking that first step, choosing who to talk to and how to tell family and loved ones, and what advice they would offer their younger selves.

Episode 3: Coping with stress and anxiety | In this episode the group is joined by their first guest to the podcast, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust’s chief executive, Peter Lewis.

A presentation developed for the South West Community of Practice, outlining the lessons learned from the Participation leads network during lockdown. Featuring participation workers from across the services, sharing their views on participation during lockdown. 

With thanks to Chelsea and Charlie from Young People Cornwall, Jess and Samantha from Young Somerset, and Rebecca and George from Kooth.

Off The Record in Bristol have shared with us useful resources on their session “Doing fun stuff with Zoom“. Find out more about this session and their activities by exploring the links below.

Young Devon shared with us some Virtual Youth Club ideas. Download the document here

Tips, Tricks and Techniques for maintaining positive mental health during lockdown and beyond. Download the guide here.

Returning back to face-to-face appointments - Young Devon

This video was created to  provide information and confidence to young people re-entering face-to-face services for the first time post-lockdown.  Young people told staff they wanted to see visuals of young people using the services, and how risks are going to be managed.

With thanks to Young Devon and Children and Family Health Devon.