The Collaborative for Service Providers

What service providers can expect from the collaborative…..

The south west Learning Collaborative is a collaboration between the University of Exeter and over 20 service providers and commissioning bodies of children and young people’s mental health services. Our service providers stretch across the NHS, Local Authority and voluntary and community organisations working in the south west of England from Hereford through to Cornwall.

It’s one of the five learning collaboratives across England that are part of the CYP IAPT country-wide transformation programme. The programme will include 100% of services by 2018, with the aim to ensure that all services who provide mental health support to children and young people are doing so through practicing the core CYP IAPT principles. The collaborative seeks to improve services through better Evidence-based practice, better collaborative practice, authentic participation, and better use of feedback and clinical outcomes across all services.

Members of the collaborative get access to:

  • Whole team and individual training (including postgraduate training) from courses that are constantly updated to deliver the very best evidence-based training and practice.
  • Consultation for service leaders, supervisors and practitioners
  • Regional steering groups across the collaboratives to share best practice and overcome obstacles
  • Input to local commissioners on transformation planning and implementation via membership on the programme board.

Joining the South West CYP-IAPT Learning Collaborative

In order to receive the training, support and additional benefits provided by the CYP IAPT programme, services will need to become a member of the Learning Collaborative, by joining their local partnership. You can find out more about the benefits of joining the collaborative through our new services page, and also our new service FAQs. You can also express your interest in joining the collaborative by completing this form

You can download our pack for prospective services here If you have any questions about becoming a member, or would like further information, please email

Collaborative Services

Click here for a list of services involved in the SW CYP IAPT Collaborative.