Welcome to 2018!

We have lots happening within the collaborative this year. We will be working with partner services to capture and highlight the experiences of young people, the impact and evaluation of CYP IAPT, as well as taking a closer look at the impact and evaluation of the CWP programme.

One of the foundation blocks within CYP IAPT is Accountability – being able to demonstrate and evidence the work that we do, and the progress that we are making towards the quality of services that young people wanted.

We use quarterly returns that help services to evidence their progress towards the quality standards and practices contained in the “Delivering with, Delivering well” paper. Each quarter they measure their progress, and each quarter the collaborative exec team work with services to support them to keep improving.

Here is the table of important dates that you need for your diary to get your Quarterly Returns in on time


Service Data return to collaborative

Collaborative return to HEE

Date range for meeting with  services

July to September 2017 (Q2) 10th November 2017 15th December 2017 15/01/18 – 26/02/18
October to December 2017 (Q3) 9th February 2018 15th March 2018 19/03/18 – 30/03/18
January to March 2018 (Q4) 27th April 2018 15th May 2018 Feedback on whole year performance and progress 16/06 – 29/06/18

Kitemark awarded for 2017/2018

Return Dates for 2018/2019

April to June 2018 (Q1) July 27th 2018 August 10th 2018 03/09/18- 28/09/18
July to September 2019 (Q2) October 26th 2018 November 9th 2018 02/11/18 – 20/11/18
October to December 2018 (Q3) January 31st 2018 February 22nd 2019 18/02/19 – 01/03/19