CYP IAPT training:  Recruit to Train places


Health Education England provides the opportunity for members of the Community of Practice to create new capacity to deliver evidence-based interventions.  This is achieved through meeting the target of training 1700 new staff to improve access to evidence-based interventions for 70,000 more children and young people by 2020. Services will advertise for, and recruit to new vacant posts, and receive fully funded salary support and specialist training for the practitioners first year in employment.

The posts will:

  • increase capacity in services by increasing the workforce
  • further embed evidence-based practice
  • have a role as change agents to accelerate transformation in service through use of feedback and outcomes tools and collaborative practice and participation with children young people and families.


New staff will undertake a CYP IAPT therapy training starting January 2020. Places will be available on all therapy training courses except the Enhanced Evidence Based Practice training, the Management and Leadership programme, and the supervisors courses, which are aimed at the transformation of existing staff only.


It will be up to the providers and local CCGs to determine at which grade (up to mid-point of band 6) increased capacity would be most effective and sustainable within the context of service operational structures and Local Transformation Planning. For the first year, these salaries and training will be fully supported by Health Education England


If you want to express an interest in any of these practitioner posts, please use the linked forms attached to the sidebar of this page.  

If services are successful in their application, they will need to ensure that their recruited candidates have applied for corresponding CYP IAPT training course, at the same time as applying for the role within your service, and that candidates are asked to include their job application reference in their training applications. This will enable HEIs to give feedback on candidates to employers. The CEDAR HEI team will be happy to join your recruitment panel at interview to advise on the candidates suitability for academic study in addition to their clinical experience.

How to apply

Please use the appropriate application form. It is important that where you are requesting places on therapy training programmes, that you ensure that you also:

  • Already have leadership and management staff within your service who have completed the CYP-IAPT Leadership course, or you have requested places for them in this forthcoming training year.
  • That you have access to existing staff, who will be able to act as a supervisor for that therapy trainee, and meet all of the necessary requirements for supervision outlined in the therapy course prerequisites, or have requested places for staff in the co-ordinating supervisor training,
  • That you have considered  the sustainability of the post following the year of funded salary and training. These posts are not intended to provide short-term workforce escalation. As part of your application you will need to complete a short form outlining your sustainability plans