Resources made by / with young people and parents

Somerset CAMHS | These five walls

A series of podcasts by four young people from the CAMHS participation group, discussing the impacts of anxiety and stress and some of their coping mechanisms. Please note that these podcasts discuss sensitive topics, which may be distressing to some, and contains strong language.

You can listen to the podcasts by clicking on them below:

Young Devon | Returning back

This video was created to  provide information and confidence to young people re-entering face-to-face services for the first time post-lockdown.  Young people told staff they wanted to see visuals of young people using the services, and how risks are going to be managed.

Watch the video here >>

Young Devon | Creative Handouts

This work is from one of Young Devon’s young volunteers Amy (19 years old). She volunteers in their virtual Wellbeing Café, which is a space where they help young people normalise the culture of talking about how they feel and de-professionalise the idea of ‘mental health support’ to include the power of peer support and interdependence.

Young Devon | Thank you video

The Children and Family Health Devon Leaders Group have produced a short ‘thank you’ message to both the Children and Family Health Devon and the NHS in general.

Young Devon | Icebreaker games

These games have been developed to be used as icebreakers or fun games on Zoom.

Young people working with Kooth

There are two audio files below:

Devon CAMHS | Engaging with young BAME people video

With thanks to Devon Camhs, Robin Tay and the young people who have been involved.

“Over the last year the CAMHS Participation team have been developing some training around engaging with BAME young people. Early last year they made a successful bid to the Virgin Care Feel the Difference Fund which enabled them to work with The Global Centre in Exeter to progress this work. Robin Tay (CAMHS Participation Worker) and Sandhya Dave (The Global Centre) ran a series of workshops with young people from a variety of backgrounds (Jamaica, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India, Poland) discussing how different cultures can have different perceptions of mental health and how a greater understanding of this can help the service’s engagement with these communities. As well as Robin and Sandhya, the workshops were attended by CAMHS workers Cynthia Ebere-Anaba and Calvin Malcolm.

“More recently the team made a successful bid to the Chair’s Initiative fund at DPT which enabled them to make a short film which features the young people that were involved in this project reflecting on their experiences as young BAME people and sharing their thoughts and advice for the benefit of CAMHS workers. The film was shown for the first time at the CAMHS conference in March 2020 with two of the young people attending and answering questions from staff. The film is soon to be put onto the DPT staff intranet so that workers from across the service can access it.”

Watch the video here >>