We are committed to finding the most appropriate and responsive ways of supporting young people and families to have a say  in the services designed to support them. For the past few years we have been facilitating a regular youth board, which has been hugely valued, and has influenced the  South West CYP IAPT program. As a result of feedback we are now establishing a series of task and finish groups, focused on specific issues affecting young people and their families. The kind of issues these groups will look at are:

  • Anonymity and disclosure. What impact does the sharing of information have on someone’s confidence to disclose?
  • The internet, services and participation. How does social media allow us to support young people and families, and how does it allow them to share their experiences?
  • Creating Vlogs, Blogs and other resources for use in training and development for professionals
  • What difference does it make? What does being able to participate do for you, in terms of your mental health, wellbeing and sense of value?

Co-training with young people and carers

We offer training and development for a range of professionals from across the region, and engage young people and parents/ carers as co-facilitators. We cover all travel and other costs for this, and are offering payment on some occasions. If you would like get involved, please contact the participation team for more information.