All staff who complete the CYP IAPT training programmes undertake modules in participation and shared decision-making. If you have completed this, join your local CYP IAPT steering group to share practice and ideas with other services around embedding participation, and request consultation from your CYP IAPT Clinical Leads by contacting us here.

Network meetings
There are regular meetings for participation leads to share best practice, discuss challenges and organise events and training. Please contact the Participation team for details of the next meeting.

What are we currently working on at the Community of Practice

  • Building the evidence base for Participation.
  • Sharing best practice across the South West and nationally (if you have examples you would like to share, please email us)
  • Supporting services to embed Participation practices through support meetings, the Participation Leads meeting and bespoke training opportunities.
  • Increasing Participation at a regional level, through the Youth Board and our quarterly meeting for partner services.
  • Working with Young Devon and services across the region to offer accredited participation training for young people.


We have created a range of resources to support services with their participatory practice. These are aimed at helping you with:

  • Establishing a new participation group in your service;
  • Developing your current practice
  • Guidance to support applications for further funding,
  • Ideas to help you measure the difference you are making.

Explore the range of resources by clicking on the sections below.