For Service providers:

If you are already part of the South West Collaborative, you can access outreach support in a number of ways:

  • Consultation: Our Clinical Lead is Jonathan Parker (, whose role is to support you in embedding training and service development.
  • Workshops: If you are having specific difficulties in embedding any of the CYP IAPT principles and practices, our Clinical Leads can set a date with you to come and work with your staff team to help move things forward
  • Outreach training: If you are new to our service, or you’ve never received our outreach training, we provide 4 days of training for your staff team to support you to embed all of the CYP IAPT principles and practices, as well as day for managers to support workforce development. subscribe to the calendar to find more information and detailed flyers on the forthcoming outreach training.
  • Outreach supervision training: As a new service provider, even before your staff come on our rigorous supervision training, we will support your staff who are in supervisory roles, to embed the CYP IAPT principles in their day to day supervisory practice – helping with development across all levels of your workforce.
  • CWP steering groups: There are steering groups set up in regional locations across the collaborative to help share best practice and overcome challenges in providing support for our new Child Wellbeing Practitioners. Subscribe to the Calendar to check the dates on the forthcoming steering groups.

For commissioners:

Take a look at out Transformation resources page for embedding CYP-IAPT for commissioners

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