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Our Youth Board meet every three months to share what they are working on locally, feed into regional developments and develop ideas and plans to improve mental health services. If you would like to get involved or find out more about what we do, please email Sarah Dobson, Project Manager, or our Participation team. Or read more about being a Young Advisor below…


We are passionate about helping services to meet the needs of the children, young people and families who they work with. To do that we need young people to help us design service delivery, recruit the right staff, and help shape services into the support that they would like to see; the support that they would want to seek.

Our CYP IAPT young advisors help bring young peoples’ voices to every aspect of service delivery: They sit alongside us on our programme boards, within each of our service partners, and in consultation with the University for the training programme, because authentic participation isn’t just about seeking approval once decisions are made; it’s about not making decisions without young people.

We are still constructing this page with the help of our young advisors, and we hope to be able to bring you their names and the projects that they are involved in, soon. In the meantime, here are the participation pledges that the South West Collaborative took for 2017

Young People’s joint board  – bringing together young people from all collaborative areas to share good practice, support /inform research and practice and to review practice. Also develop a virtual networking to share learning and ensure programme is on track.
Networking opportunities for practitioners– Meet quarterly to share good practice, discuss issues, plan implementation of national and local policies.  Ensure regional implementation of Participation pledges. Providing support and guidance for participation workers in local areas and working with CAMHS managers to understand barriers or support them to respond to issues raised by young people.
Develop and lead on accredited training for young people passport to participation, young interview panelist, etc
A research programme aiming to evidence the impact and value of participation – e.g. in terms of improving mental health and emotional wellbeing. Work with participation leads across the county, young people, national leads and with support from researchers within Exeter University, to co-design a research and evaluation pilot aiming to understand the wider impacts of participation, and it’s significance alongside clinical interventions. Design and implement the first scoping phase of a longitudinal (3 years?) study; with local and national relevance. At end of year produce the first phase of a qualitative and quantitative study to assesses whether participation has benefits to young people, their families and services