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What service transformation means for CYP and Families

The Child and young person Improving access to Psychological therapies (CYP-IAPT) programme is about transforming child and adolescent mental health services to make them better for children, young people, and their families.

What does better mean?

  • Easier to access with reduced waiting times and opportunities to refer yourself, with more services available in your community as well as within existing centres
  • Actively working to improve awareness and reduce the stigma around emotional wellbeing
  • Services use meaningful ways of measuring and monitoring how you are feeling, how well you are progressing in your treatment goals, and your experience of services, to make changes where you want them to be.
  • Services actively include you in helping to make their service, staff and development better for you. Ensuring you are an equal partner in everything they do.

Want to get involved? 

Children and young people’s participation is a really important part of improving mental health services. Our local services regularly run participation groups, which give you a platform to really help to support and shape the development of services for you.  If you wish to be involved please contact Sarah Dobson, Project Manager, at s.j.dobson@exeter.ac.uk

Learn more about Participation

Useful Links

Visit Young Minds and Young Devon for more information about mental health and wellbeing, and get involved