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What does this course qualify staff for?

The parent training for conduct problems is a BABCP accredited programme and qualifies staff with a graduate or postgraduate diploma in evidence-based practice to support parents with children aged 3-10 experiencing conduct problems.

Who is the course suitable for?

This course is not aimed at staff who have not had any previous qualifications or experience of working with children and young people’s mental health. The course is suitable for staff with a core profession who are currently working with children, young people and families. Where staff do not have a core profession, there is a Knowledge and Skills assessment (KSA) route, where staff will evidence their expertise and experience to date, and then be supported throughout the course to develop these to the level of study and experience required.

What’s the time commitment for staff?

The course runs for a year (Jan-Dec). Staff will study for two days at the University of Exeter each week, and a further two days practicing clinically in service. They will also need to be prepared to study in their own time around the assessments.

As part of the assessment of the skill development on the course, Staff in training will need to evidence:

  • The completion of two parenting groups based on the Incredible Years programme, comprising 12-14 participants in total, with a minimum of 50% of participants completing.
  • Six individual completed cases (three from within the group, and three outside of the group) of six sessions, and five hours of supervision around these cases.
  • Further assessment via essays, videotaped assessment and sessions, case reports, case presentation, supervision reports and reflective logs.

How will the service need to support?

Staff in training will need:

  • Weekly individual supervision for one hour from a CYP IAPT trained parenting supervisor. You can find more information and express your interest in supervisor training here 
  • 0.8 Full time equivalent (FTE) protected time needed
  • You will need to purchase Intervention manuals needed for group and individual work before the start of training
  • Access to appropriate Routine Outcome Measures (ROMs)

This course is now accessed through the Recruit to Train offer from Health Education England, and offers services the opportunity to expand their workforce with full salaried support of the practitioner-in-training for the first year at an AFC mid-band 6 level (including on costs)

How will this training help my service?

If your service regularly works with children and young people with conduct problems, but find that you have a waiting list for parenting support, this training can help to make your service more effective and efficient. The opportunity to support staff development in Evidence-based practice, and the implementation of CYP IAPT principles and practices, will improve the quality and access of support for children, young people and their families.

Ok sounds good…What do i do now?

If you would like further information on the course, please contact the programme lead Ann or get in touch with us here.


Click here for the University of Exeter CEDAR CYP IAPT handbook for parent training