What will this qualify staff for?

The Evidence based Counselling Practice results in the award of a PG/Grad Certificate, and will equip counsellors with core counselling skills an opportunity to develop their skills in line with CYP IAPT principles and practices, so that they are able practice with confidence and competence in providing care and support for children and young people that is evidence based, collaborative and guided by client feedback through the monitoring of outcomes, goals and the therapeutic process. Staff will be supported to develop comprehensive assessment skills through a facilitative therapeutic system as part of a collaborative network.

Who is this course suitable for?

The EBCP is not intended as an entry-level counselling skills training but rather for practitioners who have already developed counselling competencies and who aim to achieve breadth and depth to their advanced evidence-based competencies. The clinical skills taught will be suitable for delivery in a range of settings including schools, the Voluntary and Community Sector, and the NHS.

What is the time commitment for staff?

The EBCP course starts in January/March and will be completed over the course of 1 year. Staff will need 3 days per week for training purposes: 2 days per week at University, and 1 day clinical time in service (term time) and 2 days clinical time in service out of term time (to be confirmed). Staff in training will need to complete a total of 80 hours of relevant clinical practice, with a minimum of 1.5 hours of individual supervision (or equivalent in group supervision) for every month of practice. Staff in training will also be expected to undertake independent learning and study to support the completion of their assessments.

How will services need to support staff?

Staff in training will need access to CYP IAPT trained supervisors, and suitable training cases with mild to moderate presentations. They will also require protected time support to enable them both to attend University and complete their clinical skills and supervision required as part of the course. The training course is free, and there is salary support for the backfill of staff up to £9000.

How will this benefit my service?

CYP IAPT students complete rigorous training in all of the CYP IAPT principles and practices, underpinned by the Delivering with, Delivering well, and Future in Mind documents. CYP IAPT trained staff will help to

  • improve access to your service, reducing waiting times and increasing efficiency
  • Employ clinically meaningful outcome measures, helping to develop a shared understanding of the difficulty, identify symptoms, and be able to monitor symptoms and therapeutic alliance over time. This improves the effectiveness of your service provision
  • Support the service in engaging in authentic participation, which means that your service reflects the needs and wishes of young people and their families, helping to improve access to psychological therapies.
  • Services who are actively working alongside young people and their families, while demonstrating clinical effectiveness and efficiency are more attractive to funders.

Sounds good…so what do i do now?

Please complete the expression of interest form and a member of the CYP IAPT team will be in contact to support you through the process further.