As cohort 3 approach the beginning of the CWP programme, we have taken the opportunity to interview 2 trainee CWP’s.  Ed and Samantha are based at Somerset Rural Youth Project (SRYP).  SRYP have rebranded to Young Somerset so as to better reflect their growing reach and remit across the county.

So, Ed and Sam, why did you apply to become a WP-CWP?

S: It felt like a really good opportunity to undertake training and gain experience and expertise for working with children and young people.

E: The role and training fit really well with what I had wanted to do for a career and represented a great opportunity to take the next steps.

How have you found the training?

E: Really good – Lots of chance for learning and reflection.

S: It has been a real privilege to be learning and working with people with such expertise, something which I didn’t think I would ever have the opportunity.

Both: It has been more challenging than we thought though – pretty full-on!

What have been some of the challenges of your new role?

E: The ‘newness’ of everything – new workplace, new part of the service and new training has been a challenge – although mostly an exciting one

S: Getting going with caseloads; particularly in relation to finding those that are suitable for the needs of the training/remit of the role.  Some of the referred CYP can present with a difficulties that are not appropriate for an early intervention service.

And some of the highlights?

S: Meeting new people within the workplace and as part of the training.

E: All the new learning has been great and then applying this to working directly with children and young people and hoping it will have a positive impact on them.

Looking ahead, what are your best hopes for the role for you and within your service?

S:  My first hope is that we will be able to continue after the training and the service as a whole will grow and develop to support more children and young people.

E: It’s a hope that more children and young people will become involved in supporting the design of the CWP service.