We know that IAPT (that’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies!) can be a world of acronyms that leaves you feeling a bit confused, so we have put together a glossary of commonly used terms and other definitions to help you make sense of it all.

For general terms relating to mental health, written by young people for other young people, see the Anna Freud centre’s website.

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There are currently 3 names in this directory beginning with the letter S.
Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire. An outcome measure designed to be a brief emotional and behavioural screening questionnaire for children and young people. Find out more: http://bit.ly/31o6sVb

Systemic Family Practice. View available courses here on our website: https://swcypiapt.com/for-candidates/cyp-iapt-training/pg-dip-in-systemic-family-practice/

Sustainability and Transformation Partnership. A way of working in partnership, created when NHS organisations were asked to come together with local authorities, charities and others to improve services in their areas.