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Sustainable service development sits at the heart of the CYP-IAPT programme and, as the name would suggest, is a collaborative process drawing from the broad and exciting range of organisations that, together, form the South West CYP-IAPT Community of Practice.

Services within the CoP all contribute to steering groups, the CYP-IAPT SW programme board and the development of the CYP-IAPT training programmes. This provides valuable opportunities to bring services together and create an environment for shared learning and examples of good practice.

The University of Exeter operates a wide-ranging support structure to assist with the promotion and facilitation of sustainable service development:

  • Consultation: Our clinical leads support you in embedding training and service development.
  • Workshops: If you would like help to embed any of the CYP IAPT principles and practices, we can arrange a date to come and work with you to help move things forward
  • Outreach training: If you are a new service in the Community of Practice we provide 4 days of training for your team to support you to embed all of the CYP IAPT principles and practices, as well as day for managers to support workforce development.
  • Outreach supervision training: As a new service provider, even before your team come on our rigorous supervision training, we will support your team who are in supervisory roles, to embed the CYP IAPT principles in their day to day supervisory practice – helping with development across all levels of your workforce.
  • Leadership training: As part of the CYP-IAPT training portfolio delivered by the University of Exeter, the Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Leadership and Service Transformation provides a platform for current and emerging leaders to develop their leadership and service development skills. The training provides a comprehensive programme to support the innovation, implementation and sustainability of a service development project and offers valuable opportunity to reflect grow effective leadership approaches to support sustainable service transformation.   
  • Steering groups: There are a number of local and regional steering groups set up to help share best practice and overcome challenges. Each local partnership operates a regular local steering group to support the development and implementation of the core CYP-IAPT principles.


Thinking about joining the Community?

If you are interested in joining the Community, please contact us and we will get in touch to talk thought the process further.